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Robo Alive

Roboalive is a leading manufacturer of 4.0 robotic systems and devices made in Italy.

Roboalive was made by Italian entepreneurs in 2019, who strongly believe in advanced technological solutions to improve quality of life.

Among Roboalive's partners, Co-Robotics, a spin-off society of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa, European excellent centre in the field of robotics, and University of Florence, the best Italy can boast in technology and quality.

Our Mission

Through robotic technology Roboalive wants to contribute to the wellbeing of the community and to improve people’s living and working conditions.

People would be supported in highly risky and mass-production tasks, with consequent better impact in daily life. Roboalive products and services are thought to be enjoyed by anyone, even with customized solutions, so to meet the needs of people operating in any professional sector.

Mover-1 2021 Project

Robotics Systems

Designed to be modular and easily customized , Mover-1 can be used to carry loads up to 100 kg, for logistic services and videosurveillance, thank to its robust structure and its wide wheels, which let it move/navigate autonomously and in certified safety.

Domestic and industrial certification

Modular platform Mover-1 incorporates technologies for autonomous navigation, certified for safety.
The 800W engine’s power allows full range of motion on uneven surfaces or with prohibitive slopes for other robotic solutions.


- Weight: 50Kg
- Dimensions (customizable): 500mm (W) x 450mm (H) x 600mm (L)
- Maximum load: 100Kg
- Processing: embedded NUC e CUBE system for real-time applications
- Engine’s power: 800W
- Safety: Omron Certification Layer and infrared sensors.
- Autonomous navigation: odometry, inertial sensor and laser scanner
- Duration: 8 hours of battery life


One platform,
variety of uses

Roboalive has developed a certified mobile platform, modular and customizable, that can be quickly adapted for using in many application scenarios, from logistics and trasportation to telepresence, from sanitization to social and cognitive interactions.

It sanitizes in few minutes

UV-C technology guarantees a careful disinfection in living and working environments in few minutes. Thank to the dual laser sensor, Mover-1 UV-C is able to ptotect people’s safety providing a full service.

It makes sure the environment is safe

Fisheye videocamera technology ensures safety in living and working environments. Thank to the dual laser sensor, Mover-1 UV-C is able to ptotect people’s safety providing a full service.

A good concierge

Integrated sensors and cameras guarantees a professional welcome, accompanying the user to their room.

Efficient transport

Artificial intelligence and navigation technologies allow MOVER to move independently, an excellent partner in industrial environments.

Custom solutions

Research & Development

Innovation and custom design

RoboAlive supports its customers in product innovation, drawing on its mechatronic design skills. We can create prototypes and pre-series of products in the field of service robotics, automation and IoT devices, integrating design elements and supporting the customer in obtaining CE certifications if required.

The flexibility of a young Start-UP

RoboAlive has the dynamism and flexibility of a young Start-UP but a great experience gained by its technicians / engineers, with research and development experience in the robotics, automotive, cold chain, logistics and much more sectors.

See it in action

In less than 2 minutes MOVER UV-C can sanitize the COVID-19 in a 2 square meters area.


Drawing on our own skills in mechatronics, we can make prototypes and pre-series products in the fields of service-robotics, automation, IoT devices, integrating design elements and supporting the customers in obtaining certification, if required.

Roboalive is dynamic and flexible, being a young start-up, at the same time has a grat experience gained by its engeneers in the fields of robotics, automotive, cooling chain, logistics and much more.

Post-sales Assistance

Complete post-sales assistance, even with specific implementation requested by the client.

Sanitizing / disinfecting

Sanitizing / disinfecting operations with a sigle contract (recurring) or on-call (e.g. disinfecting slaughterhouses).

Videosurveillance innovation

Research an development to achieve videosurveillance projects with robotic platforms, even interrelated with customers’s websites, endowed with remote control through smat-phones, etc.

Agricultural support

Research an development to achieve projects of remote-controlled robots capable of motitoring medical and phisical paramenters and possibly warning in real time.

Sanitizing / disinfecting

Research an development to achieve projects of remote-controlled robots capable of motitoring medical and phisical paramenters and possibly warning in real time.

Logistic integration

Research an development to achieve specific projects for handling logistics in variable paths and no pre-planned routes, where the robotic platforms make the path autonomously. Services of handling and transport in discontinuous and broad spaces, where transferability is needed.

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